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Stress Less, Travel More

I understand that many people think that it is much easier and less expensive to use do-it-yourself travel websites, but I can assure you that’s simply not the case. Are you still not convinced? Look at this brief list of all the benefits I can bring you as your personal travel consultant:

1. Value – I’m able to inform you of special promotions and huge deals, so you can get the most out of your vacation dollar.

2. Maximum choice – I can provide you with a wide variety of travel options from a number of different travel suppliers to countless popular destinations.

3. Convenient one-stop shopping – Planning a vacation with me will save you time and money because with some effort and organization, I’ll make sure everything is taken care of – all you have to do is pack!

4. Customer advocate – In the rare case that something on your trip doesn’t go as planned, I’ll be here to resolve the problem, so you can relax and enjoy.

5. Expert guidance – My wide scope of knowledge about the travel industry and extensive training allows me to book your trip efficiently.

6. Personalized service – If you need to contact me or want to discuss your next vacation, I’m just a quick phone call, e-mail, or short visit away and you won’t have to deal with long distance phone numbers and complicated computer booking systems.

7. Professional advice – My job is to help you reach your desired destination in the most pleasant way possible, while keeping your budget in mind.

8. Time savings – I know exactly where to go to get the information that you need and can find your travel options within seconds.

9. Trust – As your travel agent, you can be assured that I’ll do my best to make your travel experience as wonderful as possible.

10. Unbiased information – When you book travel through me, I work for you - not the travel supplier, so my main concern is always you and your unique needs.

Happy Travels,


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