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Trip to Bayahibe Dominican Republic

A Little Hidden Caribbean Gem

Hotel IBEROSTAR Hacienda Dominicus

We just returned from our 7-nights vacation in Bayahibe Dominican Republic. This place did not disappoint! Everything had cute, homey, comfortable island vibe. The clean, clear turquoise color sea was so beautiful and warm you wanted to live in it!

We stayed at the Hotel IBEROSTAR Hacienda Dominicus. Check-in was quick and smooth. The rooms are well maintained. Although the beds were advertised as queen size beds, they were actually full-size beds. The staff were attentive, polite, and worked non-stop. They met our building and room requests 100%. The pools (3 pools) are clean, big, with perfect depth and layout.

The only area in need of improvements were nightly shows. They all felt kind of amateurish, on "junior-high school talent show" level, with cheesy jokes and acts. We loved the live music in the lobby before the show. It was a great area where you can dance or just sit and listen to the music while enjoying your drink.

The beach was absolutely stunning with no seaweed on the side of the island issues. The water was a little wavy at times, which apparently is unusual, but no enough to bother you. The crystal-clear water went out for ages before it got deep. And at the heart of the beach was, my favorite spot, the bar located by the lighthouse!!

The food was good. There were 4 different restaurant options: Japanese, Mexican, Steak and Gourmet. There was also a buffet for lunch and evening meals. A nice touch was the beach restaurant, every few days, they have the paella cooking for everyone to come try.

My favorite restaurant was the gourmet restaurant. It insisted that we put away our island attire for a more elegant grown up atmosphere, making your island get away feel a bit more special. The food was different but excellent.

I would definitely return to this place more than once. Of course, reading about it is nothing compared to the experience you will have in this little hidden Caribbean gem. Don't hesitate to book IBEROSTAR Hacienda Dominicus!

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