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Things don’t always go as planned. We’ve all had moments in our lives where life threw us a curve ball. The travel industry and the country are going through one of those moments right now. It’s not what I thought this year would bring, and like you, I’m disappointed to have my day-to-day routine and travel plans interrupted.

But that’s the thing about plans, they can always be changed.​​​​


Imagine for a moment that you had a night out planned, perhaps a date night to the movies or dinner with friends. But the day before you find out your child has the flu or you have to go to a meeting you didn’t know about when you made the plans. When situations like this happen, you reschedule. And for many people who had travel plans, the same idea applies.

It’s important to have something to look forward to, and rescheduling your vacation means that you will have your trip to keep you motivated and thinking about the future. You’ll still have that chance to take time away from your busy life and to experience something new. Rescheduling your trip also demonstrates your faith in me as a small business owner and in the travel industry as a whole.

​​​​As your travel agent, I am here to help you make the vacation plans that are right for you to keep you and your fellow travelers safe and healthy. I am dedicated to working with you and my travel partners.

Let’s talk about your travel plans, both those that you may need to change and those that you would like to make for the future.

Thank you for supporting me now and when the time comes to travel again!

Dottie Self

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